Node.js N-API napi_create_async_work


Node.js N-API napi_create_async_work

版本历史 版本 变更 v8.6.0 Added async_resource and async_resource_name parameters.

v8.0.0 新增于: v8.0.0

N-API version: 1 napi_status napi_create_async_work(napi_env env, napi_value async_resource, napi_value async_resource_name, napi_async_execute_callback execute, napi_async_complete_callback complete, void* data, napi_async_work* result); [in] env: The environment that the API is invoked under. [in] async_resource: An optional object associated with the async work that will be passed to possible async_hooks init hooks. [in] async_resource_name: Identifier for the kind of resource that is being provided for diagnostic information exposed by the async_hooks API. [in] execute: The native function which should be called to execute the logic asynchronously. The given function is called from a worker pool thread and can execute in parallel with the main event loop thread. [in] complete: The native function which will be called when the asynchronous logic is completed or is cancelled. The given function is called from the main event loop thread. [in] data: User-provided data context. This will be passed back into the execute and complete functions. [out] result: napi_async_work* which is the handle to the newly created async work. Returns napi_ok if the API succeeded.

This API allocates a work object that is used to execute logic asynchronously. It should be freed using napi_delete_async_work once the work is no longer required.

async_resource_name should be a null-terminated, UTF-8-encoded string.

The async_resource_name identifier is provided by the user and should be representative of the type of async work being performed. It is also recommended to apply namespacing to the identifier, e.g. by including the module name. See the async_hooks documentation for more information.

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